Best Thing in Retirement

Can’t watch TV all day or play golf all day every day. Why not do something for others? So doing can be very fulfilling. You have decades of valuable experience to offer. And, potentially, you may have an impact on someone’s life that you haven’t imagined.

My dad worked 38 years in a factory. He would get a newsletter from the company every month that reported on, among other things, employees who recently retired and on employees who had recently passed away. He would often comment on how often someone would retire and pass away shortly thereafter. As a kid, I wondered why that was. I now realize that a sense of purpose is what keeps us alive. Without that sense of purpose life loses much of it’s meaning.

Accordingly, if you are retired or about to retire, why not think about ways you might be able to help others or lend support to your community? It should be obvious to everyone that there is so much need in today’s world that governments do not service. It is therefore up to people to fill that void. And who is better suited to offer support to people or to a community than someone who is in their 60’s or 70’s? Mature people have decades of valuable insight and experience that they can pass on to others or use to benefit others or their communities in some way.

For your consideration, there is also I suggest, huge personal benefits to be had in doing such things. Helping others or engaging in activities that support your community can be very gratifying. Most people will be very appreciative of what you are doing. You will stand out as an example for others to follow. You stay physically active and maintain regular social contact with others. You may derive substantial emotional rewards by making an impact on the lives of others. And, perhaps most importantly, you can generate and maintain a sense of purpose that can keep you active, engaged and vital as well as physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

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