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For obvious reasons, in today’s world, more and more people are interested in the question “what is health and wellness about”.  Some people think that health and wellness is concerned only with the absence of disease or injury.  In other words, if you’re not sick then you must be healthy.  Common sense tells us, however, that a professional soccer player is likely healthier than a ‘couch potato’.  The soccer player will have cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory systems, among other things, that function much better than those systems do in the ‘couch potato’.  

Some of you may have already noticed that, so far, we have only mentioned physical aspects of good health.  But, did you know that what you think about yourself, your self-esteem or self-image, feeings of insecurity, anxiety, depression, fear, envy, bitterness, anger, hate and other negative emotions can have a profound effect on your physical health. The recognition that body, mind and spirit make up our being goes back to ancient times.  Accordingly, today, many “wellness” practitioners take a holistic approach to the issue of what constitutes health and wellness.  To fully understand what it means to enjoy good health, it is not just a healthy physical body that we need to concern ourselves with but also a healthy mind and spirit.  That is what this site is all about.  I hope to convey an understanding of how other aspects of “self” contribute to good physical health.  We shall see that psychological, emotional and spiritual health have a major impact on the healthy functioning of the physical body.  I hope I have captured your interest.

The Body is Your Temple

No one will argue with the proposition that exercise and proper nutrition contribute to the maintenance of good physical health.  In a very real way, we “are what we eat”.  We are told that we ought to include as many raw fruits and vegetables in our diet as possible.  On the other hand, obviously, junk food, processed foods, sugar, soda pop, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs do not contribute to the maintenance of good health and ought to be avoided.  

Exercise, of course, gets the heart pumping and a little exercise contributes to the better functioning of many of the body’s major systems.  A little exercise during the week usually means better sleep too.  But an optimum diet and a good dose of exercise are not always easy in today’s hectic world however.  So we try to do the best that we can in these areas.  Sometimes, natural supplements can help us get the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients into our body’s that we can’t get through diet alone.  And finally, short walks are a great way to fit in some low-impact exercise from time to time during the week.

Self-image psychology

The ancient Greeks said “know thyself”.  

Your Thought Patterns – The Psychology of Good Health

Ever said to yourself “gosh I never get any good breaks”.  Perhaps you personally may not ever have said such a thing but you may have heard someone else say something like that.  Did you know that your self-image and your predominant thought patterns have a profound influence on your emotional as well as your physical health?


Discover how profoundly what you think about all day long affects your physical health.  Join me today.

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